A Constitution for the Virgin Islands

It has come to my attention that some may not know the role of a constitution and why it is important. And, that’s not our fault…but we live in a culture that has detached itself from the American Constitution. So, how can we expect to understand the importance of such a document.
Here’s an article that can help you understand the role of a constitution much better than I ever could:

Now, as he said: “a constitution has a dual purpose: to call into existence a government but, at the same time, to limit the powers of that government.” Therefore, without a constitution we could say that a people do not have a government. Or, we could say that, that people do not have any way to limit the powers of government.

We have seen the excesses of our Virgin Islands Government, right? It would be great to have a way to hold the government accountable, right? So, would you not agree that we need a means by which to hold it accountable and limit its power?

Right now, we have no way to hold the Virgin Islands Government accountable. A constitution will give us the tools to ensure that we can control the Government and thus the direction of the Virgin Islands. Do you like the way things are going in the Virgin Islands?

If not…


Virgin Islands for the Virgin Islanders…those at home and those abroad!

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