Virgin Islands Watch: The Mission

Committed to Virgin Islanders and the Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands WatchFounded in 2008, the Mission of Virgin Islands Watch is to provide Virgin Islanders with cutting-edge and commentary on all things Virgin Islands. Of particular importance are issues of politics and governance on local and federal levels.

While others might simply report the news, we provide readers with commentary and in-depth research on the news and events of importance to Virgin Islanders. Ours is an interactive forum where users are encouraged to engage the issues, providing them with an unparalleled experience. Virgin Islands Watch uses emerging technologies to engage readers in multiple ways, inspire them to get involved with the issues and ensure that our message is accessible to the most people.

As the premier information portal for the Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands Watch is committed to being a servant of the “True Virgin Islanders” and the Global Virgin Islands Community, promoting and defending the life, liberty and happiness of our people and homeland. We recruit individuals from all walks of life, all races, colors and creeds. Our only stipulation is that persons have an unquestionable allegiance to preserving the integrity of and enhancing the quality of life in the Virgin Islands, for Virgin Islanders.

We are looking for people to join the movement.  And, the movement is one to change the status quo in the Virgin Islands.  We want to engage Virgin Islanders in the issues that will bring change to the community.  We want to expose the community to innovative ideas that will bring solutions to the problems faced.  We seek an online community that will become a foundation for a real and physical movement of people motivated to improve the Territory.  Follow us on Facebook, and join this movement.  Spread the word…

Our motto is: Virgin Islands for the Virgin Islanders…those at home and those abroad!