Our highest potential

Our highest potential is part of a journey to social justice and ultimately a revolution where the community realizes the power we have.

We tolerated the corruption as long as it did not spill over into our backyards. As the misuse of government funds became more rampant, we somehow lost our true sense of community. Many turned on allies instead of coming together.

The diversity in our land has been looked down upon. Instead of seeing the strength in a multicultural environment, nativists believe that someone somewhere is trying to take away the VI inheritance. Our history teaches us that we are from native people (Taino), Africans and some Europeans. We share a similar history with other islands in the Caribbean.

Native people along with Africans fought for freedom and now we abuse each other, forgetting the past that tied us together.

Let us start by celebrating our multicultural identity. There is a culture on St. John, another on St. Thomas and of course a distinct one on St. Croix. There are similar cultures on our neighboring islands.

Once we have a sense of pride, let us branch off into being culturally responsible. The legacy that was created by our ancestors can be expanded with equitable education. Parents are the first teachers but when our kids go to school each teacher/professor can and should teach the truth. Each teacher can and should be the best at their craft.

With the truth, we can now begin the revolution. But don’t feel that you only have to take to the streets and shout social justice chants to be revolutionary. The parent demanding the best education for their child is revolutionary. The teacher refusing to let students leave their class lost is revolutionary. The 18 year old voter casting their first informed ballot is revolutionary. Paying attention to what is going on locally and globally is revolutionary.

High PotentialMy point is if everyone does a little we can achieve a great thing(s). We have the power. Our kids can achieve their highest potential. Our community can achieve its highest potential. We can make a difference. It starts with one.

We now have a new legislature. Let us force them to do their jobs. Let us become active in the process. There is a lot of cleaning up to do and dirt is on everyone’s hands.

I believe in the potential of our beautiful, strong and vibrant Virgin Islands. Let us change the narrative that has plagued our community. Let us begin telling a counter story that reveals the bright, innovative and creative individuals who are working diligently to ensure our relevancy in the 21st century.

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